A Legacy of Leadership

A Legacy of Leadership

Striving together is in our nation’s DNA. It was in John McCain's DNA as well. He channeled the genius of the Founders as articulated by historian Joseph Ellis in this excerpt from “Orchestrating The Second American Revolution."

“...Madison’s most creative insight – the multiple ambiguities embedded in the Constitution made it inherently a ‘living’ document. For it was designed not to offer clear answers to the sovereignty question, but instead to provide a political arena in which arguments about these contested issues could continue in a deliberative fashion. The Constitution was intended less to resolve arguments than to make argument itself the solution.

Unlike most of his colleagues John McCain resisted being sucked in by the impression management industry. He was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in even if it did not fit a brand strategy. He once said "A fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed." But McCain was also able to understand and share the feelings of others. When his legendary temper got the best of him he could insult people. Often when this happened he would apologize for his actions. 

John McCain embodied striving together because of his willingness to take stands and challenge others combined with the courage to demonstrate empathy. He had the ability to, as Gregg Popovich might say, “get over himself.”

Drive + empathy = leadership. RIP John McCain!



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