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            Working while you study: a means to an end or career opportunity?

Working while you study: a means to an end or career opportunity?

A part-time job is often just a way to earn extra cash at university, but for some students it can be the route to full-time employment

Carmel Goldstein, a final-year textile design student at Central St Martins College in London, started working for on-demand babysitting app Bubble 18 months ago. The 21-year-old was looking for a way to earn extra cash while studying in one of the worlds most expensive cities, and the company offered flexible evening work that she could fit around busy university life.

The Uber-style app works by helping parents find local babysitters who have been recommended by friends or mutual contacts on Facebook. It means Goldstein is able to put in the required hours on campus and go to a job in the evening near her home in East Finchley.

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I wanted a part-time job for the money, but I knew I didnt want to work in a place that didnt benefit my development

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Original article from Work and careers | The Guardian updated 4/20/2018