Dont' Be Fooled By the Shiny Object

Dont' Be Fooled By the Shiny Object

Why do over 50% of all new hires in the corporate world fail within the first 18 months? Because most companies do not know how to identify top performers. They are not looking for Strivers. They're searching for "A Players."

At first glance this makes sense. I mean who wants to hire a B Player? Right? But what does "A Player" actually mean? Here is what I’ve been able to dig up. An A Player is strong in these areas:

  • IQ
  • EQ
  • Job Skills
  • Work Ethic

There is no question that this person will get the job done. Many would describe this person as the complete package. But you can't put the qualities of a Striver in a box! Strivers do not view themselves as a “complete.” They view themselves as incomplete. They are always reaching beyond their grasp.

We no longer live in an uncertain world. We now live in a world of ambiguity. Workers are constantly challenged to apply what they know to projects that have unpredictable outcomes. Thomas Friedman reports that today's employers are looking for people who can "adapt, invent, and reinvent their jobs." Top performers in our 21st century economy have a strong Striver Quotient. SQ qualities have become the game changer.

Don't be fooled by the shiny object. Strivers don't shine until you challenge them to 'invent and reinvent." They thrive in ambiguity!



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