There are 2 types of people in the workforce… Strivers and Arrivers

There are 2 types of people in the workforce… Strivers and Arrivers


Strivers are competitors based on the origin of compete, 'to strive together.' They are driven by a purpose that transcends winning. Strivers are driven to move themselves, their team, and their company toward higher goals. They have a whole different take on goal setting. Achieving a goal is like passing a milepost in route to a destination that they never expect to reach. They use the momentum they gain from achieving a goal as motivation to go after the next challenge. Strivers are always reaching beyond their grasp. Arrivers hesitate to reach beyond their grasp…because success must always be within clutching distance. They pour most of their energy into creating a perception of success. Arrivers are masters of impression management. They will develop their product, but only to the degree that it embellishes the impression they want to create. Arrivers are Comparors. They suffer from R.O.C.D. - Results Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…whatever it takes to compare favorably with The Competition. 


The late John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach once said: “Your character is more important than your reputation because your character is what you are while your reputation is merely what people think you are.” For an Arriver it’s all about who they want others to "think they are.” Arrivers build their reputation from the outside-in. Strivers build their reputation from the inside-out. Their reputation flows from their character.

An Arriver Mentality pervades every industry right now. Marketing used to be a tool. Now it rules! This outside-in mindset is debilitating in a 21st century economy where the only constant is exponential change. Calling on all Strivers to step up!

Next time: Why are hiring success rates so abysmal? Could it be because companies are looking for A Players?




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