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Google is doing something about the huge disconnect between the kind of job candidates they are searching for and the kind of job candidates that schools are seeking to produce. They researched the backgrounds of their top performers and found little if any correlation between the metrics being using to evaluate students and success at Google. They no longer look at grades and test scores for job candidates during the hiring process. When asked why these metrics do not seem to mean much Lazlo Bock, Google's Chief People Officer said:

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Are You Prepared For Roads Less Traveled?

Most companies are built from the outside-in by promoting a culture. They tell a story that has been crafted to fit the impression they want to create. Their mission statement covers all of the bases... and employees can recite it on cue. Championship companies are built from the inside-out by cultivating a spirit. Their employees write the story because they become the story. They live their mission!

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Who Writes Your Company's Story?

Why do over 50% of all new hires in the corporate world fail within the first 18 months? Because most companies do not know how to identify top performers. They are not looking for Strivers. They're searching for "A Players."

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Dont' Be Fooled By the Shiny Object

Strivers are competitors based on the origin of compete, 'to strive together.'  They are driven by a purpose that transcends winning. Strivers are driven to move themselves, their team, and their company toward higher goals.

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There are 2 types of people in the workforce… Strivers and Arrivers

I help leaders build championship teams…not winning teams…championship teams. By “championship teams,” I don’t necessarily mean teams that win championships. I had teams that won conference championships simply because we had an overwhelming talent advantage. Being a champion is about a mindset...not a result!

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The Difference Between Winners & Champions