What Our Clients Are Saying

Jeff's coaching has produced phenomenal results for my leadership team at Civitas. He opened our eyes to a completely new way to lead and motivate. His paradigm-shifting concept of Strivership is the secret sauce for companies seeking to thrive in a rapid change environment. His approach resonates with every generation! I would recommend Jeff to any leader who wants to build a championship team.

Tony Capasso
Chief Partnerships Officer, Civitas Learning

In October I listened to Jeff Moore speak for the first time. I have never heard anyone articulate principles I believe in the way he did that day. Jeff understands the value of competition, defining it in clear and inspiring language within the context of the Latin origin, ‘to strive together.' He explains how competition can be a critical for platform for development when people are driven by a purpose that transcends winning. Listening to him was an education, confirming what I have always dedicated my life to and introducing me to excellent ideas for improving the way I do things now.

Anson Dorrance
22 time National Champion Coach for the University of North Carolina, 1991 World Champion Coach for the USA