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In October I listened to Jeff Moore speak for the first time. I have never heard anyone articulate principles I believe in the way he did that day. Jeff understands the value of competition, defining it in clear and inspiring language within the context of the Latin origin, ‘to strive together.' He explains how competition can be a critical for platform for development when people are driven by a purpose that transcends winning. Listening to him was an education, confirming what I have always dedicated my life to and introducing me to excellent ideas for improving the way I do things now.

Anson Dorrance
22 time National Champion Coach for the University of North Carolina, 1991 World Champion Coach for the USA

Jeff, thank you for the engaging, highly interactive presentation you delivered to us at the UT Club recently. Your experience as a championship coach transferred well to our group of CEO's. Your approach to cultivating a spirit versus promoting a culture really resonated. You captured our imagination with your creative thinking about how to inspire people to stretch beyond their perceived limitations. Our group will be first in line when your book is published this summer. Strive On!

Alan Patty
Mentor/Partner at Capitol Factory Formerly VP of World Wide Sales, Java Soft Division of Sun Microsystems 



Jeff’s new book offers a fresh, provocative, and challenging approach to leadership for business leaders, coaches, and educators.  View more >>

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