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Health Information Technology Students

The University of Texas

Thank you for bringing Mr. Moore to speak to us. It was an experience I never had during my undergraduate years.  

Jeffs talk titled Strivers vs. Arrivers was one of my highlights of this program. He was very engaging and had us hooked on to his words from the moment he began speaking.

A job in the HIT field will be the realest encounter with the real world I have and these simple but powerful messages will help serve as my motivation to succeed.  Thank you for having this speaker!

I especially loved how Jeff was able to adequately explain what competing means. His definition of compete and the mindset that definition creates is one that I believe we all need to adopt as individuals if we are aiming to be extraordinary.

I have no doubt that our entire class and all who would hear Jeff speak in the future would also be challenged to persevere, thrive in an Uncomfort Zone!

My personal favorite quote was Competition is not comfortable...thrive in the Uncomfort Zone. It was good to have my eyes opened as to how I can truly achieve success.

Jeff was able to understand the challenges that my generation faces and how to respond to the challenge.  Having Jeff speak in class was a very positive experience.

Mr. Moore offered interesting insight and had great speaking presence. He had thought provoking concepts that make a lot of sense in the business world.

You could tell from Jeffs voice that he really had a passion for motivating people to do their very best if life. The part I especially appreciated was where he discussed being driven by a purpose that transcends winning. It was very uplifting and a nice wake-up call that we need to be go-getters in this changing world - especially in today's job market.

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