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Using the revolutionary Striver Quotient® Assessment Tool


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I help leaders build championship teams by cultivating Strivership, an ethic of continuous improvement based on the origin of compete: 'to strive together.' Championship teams are fueled by a purpose that transcends winning. Team members seek to achieve beyond expectations by stretching beyond perceived limitations. Championship teams exude a Spirit of Strivership, a palpable sense that everyone involved is excited about getting better every day - together!  

Actionable Insights

The revolutionary Striver Quotient® (SQ) Assessment Tool serves as a catalyst for Moore Leadership’s work helping leaders cultivate a Spirit of Strivership. The SQ adds value that extends well beyond self-awareness. Most assessments label people, attempting to identify who you are by measuring discrete personality traits. The SQ evaluates where you are by measuring performance attributes… providing insights that are both tangible and actionable!




An ethic of continuous improvement based on the origin of ‘compete’: "to strive together" 

I have become a better coach since working with Jeff. He has equipped me and my staff with valuable tools to focus on with our team leaders. He put forth intense effort to see what our team needed and did a great job tailoring his work around that. What I appreciate most is his following up. He never fails to communicate and holds me accountable despite my busy schedule!

Genny Volpe
Head Coach Rice Volleyball



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