Cultivate a Strive Together Spirit

Using the revolutionary Striver Quotient® Assessment Tool


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Moore leadership helps leaders in organizations of all types build championship teams by fostering Strivership, an ethic of internal competition based on the origin of ‘compete’: “to strive together.” Championship teams exude a Strive Together Spirit, a palpable sense that everyone involved is excited about getting better every day - together! These teams are full of Strivers, people who are driven by a purpose that transcends winning. Strivers push each other to achieve beyond comparative measures.

The revolutionary Striver Quotient® (SQ) Assessment Tool serves as a catalyst for Moore Leadership’s work helping leaders cultivate a Strive Together Spirit. The SQ adds value that extends well beyond self-awareness. Most assessments label people, attempting to identify who you are by measuring discrete personality traits. The SQ evaluates where you are by measuring performance attributes…providing insights that are both tangible and actionable!




From Latin competere: to strive together.

Kudos to Jeff and this intelligent approach to identifying great people! Building a team without it increases risk without reward. I used to simply focus on IQ & EQ qualities during the hiring process. Whether or not the people were going to have ‘what it takes' always seemed to be a roll of the dice. Striver Quotient (SQ) is the single most important indice to measure. It makes the difference between good and great!

Rayner Smith
Glide Design