Using the revolutionary Striver Quotient® Assessment Tool


From Latin competere:
to strive together.

What our clients are saying:

Jeff's model for cultivating competitive leaders works!  I not only took the Striver Quotient Assessment myself, but also brought Jeff in to work with my entire executive team.  Through his coaching process we have strengthened our competitive drive to make our company better and stronger.  Thanks to Jeff, my team has a better understanding of how they operate individually, with their fellow executives and with their team. His work offers invaluable one-on-one coaching. I would absolutely recommend this program for any CEO and company wanting to compete in their market and c-suite.

Phil Wilson
General Manager, Lower Colorado River Authority

For Business Leaders

Moore leadership helps business leaders build championship teams by fostering Strivership, an ethic of internal competition based on the origin of ‘compete’: “to strive together.” Championship teams exude a Strive Together Spirit, a palpable sense that everyone involved is excited about getting better every day - together! These teams are full of Strivers, people who are driven by a purpose that transcends winning. Strivers push each other to achieve beyond any comparative measures.

The revolutionary Striver Quotient® (SQ) Assessment Tool serves as a catalyst for Moore Leadership’s work helping leaders cultivate a Strive Together Spirit. Most assessments focus on creating awareness by measuring discrete personality traits. The SQ provides insights that are actionable by measuring performance attributes.

Contact Moore Leadership to learn about cultivating a Strive Together Spirit to:

  • Transform groups of individuals into a high performing teams
  • Develop future leaders
  • Identify, recruit, and onboard top performers

For Coaches and Administrators

Develop Strivers through sports!

Go to to learn more about developing champions in sport and for the unstable, disruptive world that your athletes will inherit after graduation.

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