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On September 12, 1962 in a speech at Rice University JFK challenged Americans to embrace Strivership when he said: "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." Kennedy inspired us to dream about what was possible. He challenged us to strive together to achieve a goal that would exceed expectations.

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It's Time to Start Dreaming Again

Rob Campbell experienced Jobs’ inspiration first hand. Carmine Gallo recounted his story in “Steve Jobs and the Power of Vision.” When Gallo interviewed Campbell for the article in the early 2000’s he was the CEO of Voalte, but in the 1970’s he was a young programmer who was excited about the emergence of personal computers.  He decided to begin looking for work with companies that were driving the PC revolution. 

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The Vision Thing

Leaders focus on what can be controlled, seizing every opportunity to cultivate in their people the willingness to compete, to strive together. The people in these organizations are not scoreboard watchers. They thrive when challenged to execute under pressure while tackling difficult problems. Results follow.

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Managers Hype Results; Leaders Cultivate Strivership

Striving together is in our nation’s DNA. It was in John McCain's DNA as well. He channeled the genius of the Founders as articulated by historian Joseph Ellis in this excerpt from “Orchestrating The Second American Revolution."

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A Legacy of Leadership

IBM has conducted several global CEO studies in recent years. They have asked CEO's: "What is your biggest challenge?" Instead of a typical go-to response like "management discipline," the CEO's have overwhelmingly cited "change and complexity" as their biggest challenge. They also say that they continue to struggle to manage the highly volatile, increasingly complex business environment. The IBM studies report that the gap between "expected change" and the "ability to manage it" continues to grow.  

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It Takes Courage To Lead